Angelic Healings LLC is my true soul purpose… My family is my life, and I revel in my husband and daughter’s determination to not let anything get them down.  I started asking God to use me as a vessel to share his love and a vehicle to spread his word over a decade ago and have been led on a spiritual quest ever since.

I felt totally at home when I was introduced to energy healing.  I have studied a variety of modalities and, as most healers, have developed my own style encompassing the best parts of each.  Some mental, physical, and emotional challenges can be helped by removing the energy causing the challenge which surrounds them. When we learn to work with energy, we can become the masters of our reality. Instead of being continually swayed by the ups and downs of life, we learn that by becoming aware of how energy flows in our world, we can begin to manage the energy within ourselves, to create a life of peace and fulfillment.

My passion is to help people live their absolutely best life possible, and I love helping people achieve this through my God given gifts for which I am eternally grateful.

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