The Truth of Your Divinity is an extension of my Angelic Healings LLC. In addition to hands-on healings, I have devoted myself to “remembering” the innate gift we all have as children – the ability to be incredibly intuitive. I believe that we are all born highly sensitive with heightened intuition, empathy, and extra-sensory perception, among other gifts. I also believe that these spiritual gifts are suppressed and forgotten over time if not encouraged at an early age.

I spent so many years looking outside of myself for all the answers only to find that I have all the answers inside of me… I had forgotten how to truly listen! To communicate with God/Spirit/The Universe we can use clairvoyance (clear vision), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and/or clairaudience (clear hearing). Tapping into our instinctual messages enables us to live highly productive and fulfilling lives, personally and professionally, and free from pain, struggle and fear.

My true soul purpose is to help others discover and become unwavering in their own truth so that they too can focus on experiencing life with passion and purpose.

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